Transform Your Interview into a Conversation

because the candidate lacks energy and doesn’t show enthusiasm. You’re so anxious during an interview that it’s easy to act this way. Nervously answering a steady stream of tough interview questions squashes the passion in even the best candidates.

Interviews shouldn’t feel like interrogations. A successful interview should be a two-sided conversation so you can demonstrate your true professional self with confidence.


Be a sincere and actively engaged candidate. Here’s how to practice and prepare so you sound comfortable and not rehearsed:

Common Interview Questions

Behavioral Questions: stories about your past actions will help inform the employer how you will behave in the future.

Problem-Solving Questions: Employers ask these to understand how you process and think through a problem.

Job Interview Tips

Skill-based questions: You may be asked to demonstrate any “hard” skills in the interview by taking a test or doing a task.

Job Interview Tips

Motivation Questions: They get to the “why” of your job search. Why are you leaving? Why this role? Why this organization?

What questions should you ask?

Questions that demonstrate your interest: This is where passion and enthusiasm come in. Questions are a key way to tactfully demonstrate you’re own interests and values while learning about the company. These questions will also demonstrate that you did your research.

Questions about the company to ensure they are the right move for you: Sadly, 46 percent of left their last job due to lack of career growth. You want to make absolute sure that this role and company will help you excel.

Questions that are tactical and help clarify misconceptions: Here is where you can ask about next steps, a timeline for hiring, or address any points of weakness in you as a candidate.



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