Top 20 Tech Employers Students Want to Work For

Top 20 Tech Employers

You’ve probably already been to the careers page of at least one of these organizations. Companies like Google have such strong internal brand names, that student applicants flock to their job openings. But out of these top 20 tech employers, there are a handful gems that truly surprised us.

Millions of college students and grads select employers they want to follow and apply to on AfterCollege. Here are the top 20 employers according to what organizations more than 850,000 U.S. student and new grads follow on AfterCollege.


It’s not surprising that is the reigning champion. You get free food. Gourmet coffee drinks and breakfast, then lunch at 25+ cafes, and dinner, too. There’s a free shuttle that takes you to work. New parents receive extended paid maternity and paternity leave as well as “baby bonding bucks” to help pay for the expenses of a new child. Oh yeah, and the biggest perk: you work for Google.


Microsoft, known for its decades-old corporate structure, still tops our list of most-searched companies. The corporate giant offers one of the healthiest tech cultures around. Employees remain impressed by Microsoft’s great benefits and work environment, two basic perks that are unfortunately hard to come by.


Intel is the , so it makes sense this brand is one of the most searched by students. Through a relentless search optimization strategy in which Intel tracks online consumer behavior, the company drove its brand engagement to new levels. This isn’t news to the students and recent grads trying to get their foot in the door at Intel, one of the most consumer-friendly and employee-satisfying brands around.


Apple is one of the most influential companies of our time. And, Apple’s secretive company culture and workplace progress only makes working there more appealing. Despite rumors of 16-hour days and fierce internal competition, Apple stands strong as one of the top five jobs most searched by students.


IBM is one of the inventors of corporate culture and internal branding. Long before the days of silicon valley startups, lived in a world of food and vacation perks, amazing benefits, and a change-the-world work ethic inspiring every employee to succeed.


Shockingly, Amazon is infamous for terrible company culture. It’s likely Amazon’s flawless consumer brand that drives students and recent graduates to search for job opportunities within the company. Hey, if a company delivers my shampoo within two days to me by drone, I’m probably going to check out their careers page.


Fact: 99 percent of Facebook’s employees love Mark Zuckerberg. Enough said.


In 2015, the . They lost less than 5 percent of their workforce, including those who were simply retiring. The NSA’s strategy is simple: The company invests in its employees. Employees feel supported from day one of their internship or job. The NSA is a career-maker that often pays for additional schooling because the company believes in nourishing each employee’s longterm potential.


HP is one of the first inventors of “.” When your internal brand is build on trust, top talent flocks to you. The HP way is a culture that puts employees at ease while fueling their ambitions, a value set that directly influenced Silicon Valley’s prioritization of company culture.


Cisco must have one of the friendliest culture and inclusion pages in the tech sphere. Put simply, Cisco wishes to “win together, respect and care for each other, and always do the right thing.” What recent grad wouldn’t be enticed?


With 72,000 jobs paying an average of $105,000 according to the BLS, the aerospace industry is highly desirable to graduates. Boeing’s had a few hiccups in its company culture, but it still leads the aerospace industry in innovation.


Raytheon is known for giving employees challenging and rewarding tasks so they stay excited, ambitious, and mobile in their career space. This hits the nail on the head when it comes to what recent grads want: fulfilling career growth.


Not many companies are focusing on workplace like AT&T is. With a focus on narrowing the gender gap and employee retention, AT&T is a promising company for students who care about a diverse and welcoming team culture.


Qualcomm is one of the happiest companies in America. Employees receive huge schedule flexibility, with the option to load up on hours on certain work days, and then enjoy an extra day off for a three-day-weekend. Qualcom also implents job sharing, so two employees can split the heavy workload of one full-time job. Needless to say, Qualcom’s employee happiness is soaring.


One of the leading organizations for visual computing, NVIDIA is the perfect place to work if you want to push yourself to your professional limit. Those who meet their bottom lines and project goals do well at NVIDIA. The company doesn’t hold your hand, but it can make your career.


Working at Oracle means excellent office culture and perks. But, the way Oracle really draws in students and graduates is simply by offering cutting edge technology. Taking on projects at Oracle is no joke. You will have an impact, and it will be resume-worthy.

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Even though Yahoo! has faced harsh media criticism under its new CEO Marissa Mayer, the Yahoo! brand stands strong amongst job seekers. The fact is, Yahoo! gets hundreds of millions of users each month. Who wouldn’t want to put their name next to one of the biggest online players in the world?


As one put it, “You can’t swing your arms without smacking into a PhD.” The labs, equipment, and caliber of the average employee attract ambitious new hires. Gaining technical knowledge and experience is priceless.


One of the leading aerospace and defense corporations, Lockheed Martin pays extremely well and offers cutting edge work experience. Gaining a robust salary to work in your dream field…Sure, why not?


Dell is a great place to work for your first job because of the supportive, fun atmosphere. If you’re looking to grow and have your skills fostered by both teammates and managers, Dell is the place to go. The company has taken huge strides to ensure a welcoming, friendly work environment that makes employees feel comfortable and heard.

There are some big brands out, but when it comes down to it, how many students and recent graduates are actually flocking to your career pages? Inbound recruitment leads are one of the true measures of brand success. Internal branding drives successful companies, because it builds successful teams. Where does your company stand?

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