How to Kick Butt in Your Online Job Search

Looking for a job online is easy. On most job boards, all you need to do is type in a keyword and a location and you’re off to a good start.
But you can also take advantage of certain keywords and search formats to make your search much more effective.
Here are some tips on how to do a better job search, as outlined in Chapter 6 of :

Use quotes in your keyword searches

The order in which you type in keywords in a search doesn’t usually matter. Try it. For example, go to Google or Indeed and type: “financial analyst”. Then type “analyst financial”. The results may look the same. If you want to make sure your keywords are searched in the specific order in which you entered them, put them in double quotes.


Use Boolean criteria

You can use boolean criteria to search for jobs and internships by making sure some words get included and others get excluded. For example, lets say you want a job or internship that looks for Economics majors, but is not a sales-related job. You can search for this by typing in search criteria like the one below:

“entry-level” OR internship AND economics NOT sales

We add AND economics to specify that the job must contain the word economics. When using the NOT operator for a specific word, your search will exclude any jobs with that word. You can take advantage of other operators in addition to the ones in the above example. Here are some other ones:


Each job site works differently, but you can test out the above Boolean operators on popular sites like Google and Indeed to see how they improve your search.

Advanced search

If doing a Boolean job search is too much, don’t worry. Some sites, like Indeed, give you the option to do an advanced job search that takes care of the Boolean for you behind the scenes.



These are some simple hacks that will make you sort through job listings more easily and speed up your job search. Take advantage of them and best of luck on your path to finding the right job or internship.