How to Choose Your Major Based on Salary (Infographic)


I remember sitting in my counselor’s office, feeling tense about my future. I was a sophomore in college and still hadn’t declared my major, and I was looking for any resource or opportunity to point me in the right direction.

Michele Campagna, the executive director of the Center for Advising and Student Transitions at Montclair State, tells the that students try to major in what makes the most money, but “four years from now,” she says, “freshmen will be applying for jobs that don’t even exist today.” We can only predict the market so much, but there are statistics that ring true year after year for fields like engineering, teaching, and health.

Money does not equal happiness (contrary to popular opinion). You do still need to be honest with yourself about exactly how much money matters to you, and how much money you need to support yourself. Check out the infographic below to see a super easy-to-read and creative graph about what your major’s paycheck really looks like.



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