Give the Gift of Job Discovery

if you know what job or company you’re looking for. There’s if you know who you’re looking to connect with to get a leg up on your job search.

The problem with most college students is that they don’t know what jobs to look for or what companies to research. Many also don’t have a network of colleagues they can tap for help. While there are a lot of search tools out there, these don’t always solve students’ needs.

This is why we came up with job discovery as a concept to help college students. While students can search for jobs on AfterCollege, the primary way we help students is through Explore, our job recommendation tool.

Just enter your school and major into Explore:


You’ll immediately get a summary of job recommendations (or internships based on your graduation date).


You can LIKE or DISLIKE specific jobs, employers, job categories, and locations and Explore will learn from your feedback. It also takes other student feedback into account to customize your recommendations.


Give it a try if you’re looking for a job or internship. Or if you know someone who needs to find the right job, tell them about AfterCollege and how they can get customized job and internship recommendations.