Getting Ready to Search for a Job or Internship

, on how to prepare.

Leverage your Network

Your friends, classmates, professors and teaching assistants form part of a network that can help you land your first job or an internship. Your classmates and friends are most likely in the same boat you’re in — they’re also looking for a job. So during the job search process, compare notes with them. Your professors and TAs may know alumni who are looking for interns or new hires. Ask them if they know of anyone looking to hire from your program.

If you’re on Facebook, let people know you’re looking for work and upload your resume or put a link to your LinkedIn or AfterCollege profile.

Start to Line up Recommendations
Employers don’t always ask for recommendations but it’s good to have these lined up. Ask your TAs, professors and classmates for recommendations. You can ask connected classmates and previous internship colleagues for recommendations on LinkedIn.

If you have an AfterCollege profile, you can ask professors and TAs for recommendations or ask just about anyone. They don’t need to have an AfterCollege profile.

When an employer looks at your profile, having recommendations definitely helps.

Use your University Career Center
University career centers tend to be under-utilized, but their whole job is to help you connect with employers. Sign up for campus interviews if it’s not too late. If the time has passed, attend resume-writing workshops and ask for help with your resume.

Career centers also organize career fairs. Ask if there are any of these event happening so you can attend and meet employers.

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