Get Ahead This Holiday Season: Your 5 Job Search Guides


Thanksgiving and Christmas break can feel strange if you haven’t started looking for jobs yet. You might visit home and think, “What am I doing with my life?”

Job searches aren’t fun, but they definitely get easier. At first, you might not know where to start, and you might not get any replies. Soon, however, you’ll learn how to tweak little details–like your opening email pitch or your social media profiles–and you’ll get that job offer. Here are five ultimate job hunt resources to lift your spirits, and get you feeling passionate and prepared over the holidays.

1. , aYouTube Channel Designed for College Students

The video above is great way to prep for your next semester–which is right around the corner after Thanksgiving! Don’t stop at this video. Thomas Frank posts tons of clips designed to help with college-specific challenges, but he also helps us work better in general with tips on learning and organization. Check him out if you’re into being productive and entertained at the same time.

2. Getting Hired at a Startup: “Am I a Fit for This? How Do I Get My Foot in the Door?”

is a quirky career podcast that entertains. This episode tackles new-wave employment for post-grads: the startup world. If you’re looking to get your hands dirty at a startup or small company, listen to this episode. Remember, all that glitter is not gold. Startups aren’t right for everyone, and that’s okay. Think long and hard before taking a gamble on your role security, job security, and day-to-day work. On the flipside, startups can light a fire under your career and leave you fulfilled.

Listen to to learn a little (and laugh a lot).

3. The Perfect Job Hunt Manual: First-Hand Advice for Students and Post-Grads

Tired of fluffy career blogs? might be the most comprehensive book of its kind. Tucker Stein struggled through a tough job hunt as a recent grad, and he was baffled by the lack of resources out there for 20-25 year-olds trying to find their first job. After four years of research, he collected actionable advice with a proven success rate. If you’re looking for a paperback career coach, this is it.

Preview this job-seeker manual. Check out our interview with Tucker Stein, where he explains valuable insight from GET TO WORK’s expert job advice.

4. Learn to Look for Work Better. Follow The Career Sherpa:

The Career Sherpa is straightforward, and covers all topics. If you’re lost in your job search and looking for an additional perspective, the Career Sherpa means business. So many blog resources have entered the pop culture state of their popularity, selling out. The Career Sherpa stays down-to-earth and focused on her mission: providing job search tools.

5. Interview Study Guide (With Sample Questions!)

Courtney Young-Law is a career expert and teacher. Her mission is to coach young job-seekers into job offers. She provides them with detailed interview prep and job hunt advice. Listen to her step-by-step interview tips, with first-hand examples of how you should answer interview questions–as well as what questions you should ask the interviewer.

This above lesson is step 5 in our on our channel, or at AfterCollege webinars.

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