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10 Things That Take Under 10 Minutes for Self Care at Work

In college you hear a lot about self care and how to take study breaks, balance your fun with studying, eating healthy, healthy sleep patterns, and…

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Financial services isn’t just about numbers. It’s about opening doors to opportunities.

This article is sponsored by Deutsche Bank. A major in Computer Science and a minor in Creative Writing is not the typical background of someone who…

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The Truth About Rolling Over and Cashing Out 401k Assets

401ks are great ways to save, but when you leave a job, you have to decide whether you should leave your savings in the 401k or…

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Dress For Success: Chat with Brianne Binder of BB Style

In college, fashion is as easy as slipping into your favorite jeans and hoodie. But once you join the working world, things get a little more…

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Knock. Knock. Who’s There? An Inside Look at the Internship Experience Behind AfterCollege’s Doors

The sign outside of the AfterCollege office reads: VISITORS AND DELIVERIES, PLEASE KNOCK LOUDLY AND SOMEONE WILL BE RIGHT WITH YOU THANKS, AfterCollege I stood outside…

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