Building and Making the Most Out of Your Network

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How many times have you heard, “build your network,” as if it’s really easy like tying your shoes or binge-watching Netflix?

While “building your network” is in fact awesome and worth every second of your time, it isn’t an overnight project. Networking takes time, creativity, and a little bit of sweat and tears.

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Or, read our quick-guide to building your network:

1. Start cultivating your network ASAP, cast a wide net, and be persistent!

Quick Tip: We must use every single networking pathway we can to “get to the right people who will help us land our first job or our second job or our fifth job.”

Sending out only a few emails or only making a few phone calls isn’t doing your vast network justice.

2. Take advantage of every opportunity to meet people face-to-face: internships, career fairs, info sessions, and informational interviews.

Quick Tip: Make an impression in-person. It makes a difference.

3. Online Presence/Social Media.

Quick Tip: Go to an event, then “connect” on Linkedin with whoever you met the very next day–so you’re fresh in their minds. One quick Linkedin request, and they’ll be in your network forever.

4. How to have a networking conversation.

Quick Tip: Be genuinely interested, and show it. to learn how.

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