Best Cities (Around the World) to Move to for Programming Jobs

programming jobs

While most people view the West Coast of the United States as the epicenter of the programming and developing world, the truth is that plenty of other cities from around the globe have what it takes to make a claim for this coveted title. From rapidly rising annual salaries to burgeoning metropolitan amenities and culture, there are plenty of reasons to give these global hotspots a second look as you start your search for a new city to call home. To help you along on this path, let’s sit down and take a deeper look at the five best cities to move to if you’re looking for the perfect programming job.

programming jobs

#1 Huntsville, Alabama
Most developers coming out of college don’t have the “Deep South” on their radar as they start their job search. Unfortunately, with cities like Huntsville, Alabama making quite a bit of buzz among the programming community, this dated outlook is a quick way to miss out on a stellar career opportunity.

So, what makes Huntsville so great? To start, the average salary for members of this portion of the technology field clocks in at $92,296 annually. When compared to the median cost of rent – $725 a month – there’s plenty of potential to take advantage of a lower cost of living and pocket a greater portion of your yearly income. Adding in that the major hub of activity in “Rocket City,” Cummings Research Park, is home to hundreds of technology companies ensures that you won’t have to look far for a quality programming job and access to some of the country’s best barbeque joints.

programming jobs

#2 Sydney, Australia
If you’re looking to take your programming talents abroad, then going “down under” to Sydney, Australia stands as a premium destination on the global stage. With thousands of developer job listings currently flooding the results pages of the Jora search aggregator, and salaries ranging from $68,400 to $110,000 annually, the major employers of the region – Brambles, Optus, and Accenture – aren’t pulling any punches when it comes to convincing you to make the trek to Sydney.

Outside of a vibrant and healthy upwelling of developer career opportunities, this seaside city has plenty of other amenities that can make your life a little easier as you handle the responsibilities and duties of your new position. Free healthcare, beautiful weather, and more than 100 beaches all help keep the good times flowing in Sydney.

programming jobs

#3 London, England
As far as Europe goes, there’s no hotter city for programming jobs than London, England. In terms of tech startups that require developers, this metropolitan area leads the rest of the continent in both current openings and expected growth. Simply put, London is the land of potential and future promise for the tech world.

When it comes to hard numbers, the in this area stands at $72,031, or lb46,374. That’s $3,462 higher than the national average. Adding in an excellent public transportation system in “The Tube” and one of the world’s most diverse music scenes shows that London has plenty of amenities and civic benefits to go along with leading European rates of employee compensation.

programming jobs

#4 Toronto, Canada
Looking to our neighbors to the north in Toronto illuminates a unique situation regarding job opportunities in your chosen field. Yes, the salaries of developers in this area only end up in the range – a number that’s considerably lower than some of the other entries on this list.

However, the experts at point out that Toronto shows signs of following a path similar to the United States’ Silicon Valley. With high levels of ambition, developer mentorship support, and a willingness to adopt technology trends and practices during the early phases of the growth cycle, Toronto stands as a trendsetting city for programmers that are heading for great things as it follows in the footsteps of the original metropolitan technology hotspot.

programming jobs

#5 Washington, D.C.
The final member of this list of the best cities for programming jobs brings things back home to our nation’s capital. While Washington D.C. might be a bit of a surprise inclusion to some readers, there’s no denying that this city is more than just the focal point of American politics. Specifically, the Dulles Tech Corridor portion of the D.C. metropolitan area is home to a substantial uptick in programming jobs and advanced career paths, as well as an annual average salary that clocks in at $98,323.

Whether you’re tempted to head abroad in search of the perfect programming career, or you plan on staying a little closer to home here in the United States, there’s no shortage of opportunities waiting for you once you step out into the global marketplace with your degree in hand. The only question left to answer now is whether or not you’re ready to take the next major step in your blossoming professional career.

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