Art, Food, and Southern Hospitality: Life in Atlanta for Twentysomethings


It’s home to Outkast, some of the real housewives, and Coca-Cola. But did you realize that Atlanta, Georgia also has a booming art scene? If you’re a recent graduate with a passion for public art, this might be the city for you. Here’s what you need to know about living in Atlanta as a twentysomething.

Katie Lebel

Katie Lebel

Recent Graduate: Katie Lebel

College/Major/Graduation Date: University of Redlands / Studio Art – Photography / 2012

Current Gig: Freelance Visual Artist / Food CSA

What brought you to Atlanta?

I moved to Atlanta to help a large scale mural artist, , install her art show at the and ended up staying.

Mural After Bike Ride

What are the pros of living in Atlanta?

There is a lot of public art. The food is delicious. You get that Southern hospitality. There are a lot of trees and urban farming etc.

What are the cons of living in Atlanta?

There is very little public transportation and the city is not very bike-friendly.

Katie Lebel and Biking Peace

What should recent graduates know about living in Atlanta?

It’s generally pretty laid-back and colorful. There are a lot of creative opportunities as well as a rich history. It’s a great city for urban farming and you’re really close to the mountains!



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