AfterCollege Participates in Grad CareerFestival Aimed at Helping 2017 Grads Land Jobs


AfterCollege is pleased to participate in the Grad CareerFestival, a virtual event aimed at helping college grads with their job search.

The event brings together 27 career authors, 10 career coaches, and 12 companies that provide online career management and job search tools.

is a three-day online event scheduled for July 27th – 29th, from 11 am – 10 pm EDT.

Graduates can participate in four tracks at :

  1. Career Management – On Thursday, July 27th, nine career authors will provide tips and strategies on how to build a career plan and manage one’s career.
  2. Job Search: On Friday, July 28th, nine authors will provide advice on networking, building a “keyword-laden” resume, interviewing, branding, and the job search process.
  3. Post-Graduation Advice – On Saturday, July 29th, nine authors will provide graduates advice on refinancing student loans, managing finances, learning soft skills, and successful strategies on how to transition into their first professional job.
  4. Career Coaching – Each day from 8 pm – 10 pm EDT four certified career coaches will lead thought-provoking discussions to help grads find direction and meaning in their career choices.


The cost to participate in all 33 hours of live online career presentations is $33. Enter promotional code –AfterCollege — to receive a 30% discount. Registration is limited to the first 10,000 grads.


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