7 Steps to Land a Job Offer by Graduation


How painful is your job search? After 20+ job applications, and a handful of panicked google searches, it’s easy to feel like you’re moving backwards.

Finding your passion doesn’t have to be scary…

Especially when you consider that the average person changes careers 5-7 times in their lives. You’re not required to be 100 percent sure about your “dream job” on graduation day. Your first job simply pushes you in the right career direction (and conveniently helps you pay rent).

Here are the first four tips our marketing expert, Stephanie Peterson, goes over in this .

Take a quick 30 minutes to hear a breakdown of all seven job search steps in our find-a-job tutorial below.

1. Internships (how to find the right one).

2. How to use your college career center.

3. Taking advantage of career events.

4. Don’t just look at jobs and job descriptions.

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