4 Careers Expected to Grow in 2016 and Beyond

careers expected to grow
and determined which careers are slated to have the greatest amount of job growth over the next decade. Using info pulled from various parts of the BLS website, we’ve put together a brief snapshot of what people in the top four careers can expect.

1. 幸运彩票平台骗局 Health Aides

幸运彩票平台骗局 health aides usually work for companies that specialize in providing in-home healthcare alongside a team of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Their clients tend to be elderly or disabled people who need help with daily activities in order to remain in a home setting, versus a care facility. They may travel to clients’ homes, work in group homes, or provide assistance in adult daycare settings. Typical duties include monitoring vitals, preparing meals, housework, and assisting the client with hygiene.

Anticipated Growth: 38.1%

Number of New Jobs: 348,400

Present Median Salary: $21,380

Skills Needed: 幸运彩票平台骗局 health aides who receive payments from Medicare and Medicaid are required to become certified, either independently or through the state. Some states accept on-the-job training, and CPR certification is routinely needed. Candidates are largely responsible for managing their schedule while ensuring the client’s needs are met, so those who have , such as time management, may perform better on the job.

Pros and Cons: Work as a home health aide is sometimes physically and emotionally exhausting. Scheduling can be difficult, as home health aides are needed around-the-clock. However, those who work in the field often find it richly rewarding. They tend to build relationships with their clients and have the opportunity to advance in their careers.

care assistant

2. Personal Care Aides

Personal care aides don’t focus on medical aspects of assistance like home health aides do, so they usually require less training. This position can be likened to a personal assistant, and the clients generally have limited mobility due to age, disability, or chronic illness. Many personal care aides are hired directly by the families they serve, though in-home healthcare agencies also employ care workers.

Anticipated Growth: 25.9%

Number of New Jobs: 458,100

Present Median Salary: $20,440

Skills Needed: CPR training is generally required, and many personal care aides must have a driver’s license in order to transport their clients to and from activities.

Pros and Cons of Position: The job can be physically and emotionally demanding. However, building relationships with clients and helping them achieve goals is often rewarding. The need for personal care aides is growing fast as more Baby Boomers require help at home.

3. Medical Assistants

Medical assistants work for physicians in healthcare facilities like doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals. Duties vary by employer and state regulations. Most are expected to be able to monitor vital signs, maintain records, and give medications or vaccines on the doctor’s orders.

Anticipated Growth: 23%

Number of New Jobs: 138,900

Present Median Salary: $29,960

Skills Needed: Most medical assistants are required to have vocational training and CPR certification. Practices are increasingly going paperless, so online skills like and data-tracking will be beneficial.

Pros and Cons of Position: Working in a medical office can be hectic at times and medical assistants have many duties beyond patient care. There are opportunities for growth, numerous fields of medicine one can work in, and various types of employment settings.

data analyst

4. Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts examine the computer systems and procedures of an organization to help come up with ways to improve efficiency. There are also specialists, like systems designers/ architects, software quality assurance analysts, and programmer analysts, who fall under the same umbrella.

Anticipated Growth: 20.9%

Number of New Jobs: 118,600

Present Median Salary: $82,710

Skills Needed: Most computer systems analysts have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in a computer-related field. However, some employers accept certifications and experience in lieu of formal schooling. Skills like can help add shine to a candidate’s resume.

Pros and Cons of Position: Advances in technology occur rapidly, so ongoing training is necessary. However, work schedules tend to be flexible and experts are rewarded for their proficiency with high salaries.

The fastest-growing careers detailed here are indicative of trends in the job market. Medical and technology careers are huge and opportunities are expected to increase. Moreover, those who invest in education and additional training will see the results in their salaries.

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