17 Ways Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Can Change Student Loans

student loans

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each recognize student loans and college tuition need a makeover. Their policy proposals, however, are very different. Here’s a cheat-sheet of what each democratic candidate intends to accomplish for college students and graduates nationwide.

Bernie Sanders’ Plan to Revolutionize Student Loans

1. FREE TUITION. Completely eliminate undergraduate tuition and fees.

2. Make Wall Street pay.

3. Reapplying to financial aid every year feels like this…

…Which is why Sanders says students should only be required to apply once. Pretty logical, huh?


4. Work study programs should be expanded to include all interested students. Middle to lower middle class students shouldn’t be left out.

5. Sanders would spend $750 billion over 10 years to hit his college reform goals. Yikes.

6. Sanders thinks student centers are a waste of money. He would stop funding them.

7. His plan would not apply to private colleges.

university of phoenix

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for College Students

8. You heard her right. Free Community College.

hillary clinton

9. to ensure the government never profits when students borrow.

10. Students can attend public universities without taking on student loans.

11. Subsidized grants from the federal government, because states are like:

12. Lowered tuition rates.

13. Help defrauded students discharge debt.

student loans

14. Students will do their part by working 10 hours a week and contributing their earnings. (UGH, fine, we’ll get a part-time job.)

15. Student loan borrowers will never have to pay more than 10 percent than what they make.

16. Every American with outstanding public debt can refinance their student loans at today’s low interest rates, so debt doesn’t keep you down, indefinitely.

17. Families would still be required to contribute, based on their income. (See #15.) Meh.

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